The Honey Revolution

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The Honey Revolution: Restoring the Health of Future Generations by Ron Fessenden MD MPH & Mike McInnes MRPS is "The Definitive Book on Honey and Health."

Join The Honey Revolution and, starting now, you and your family can benefit from the many disease prevention properties found in honey. For centuries the consumption of honey has been known to be healthful. Only recently has scientific research validated many of these intuitions.

Honey is nature's sweetener that combates diabetes! Though it contains mostly sugars, when consumed regularly, honey improves glucose metabolism and disposal in the body and lowers blood sugar levels.

The Substitution of small amounts of honey for the current consumption of large amounts of sugar or HFCS could reap enormous individual and public health benefits. The Honey Revolution needs to be read by every dietitian, nutritionist, health care professional, trainer and athlete.


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