Thomas Apiculture Duomel 4 Frame PD

Sale price$2,995.00


Do you have more than 5 hives and want to increase your apiary in the long term?

Use a Duomel, which, all options combined, will perform 3 functions in a single device:
1. Extractor,
2. Filter,
3. Maturator.

It consists in the upper part of a manual extractor with open bottom (easily electrifiable), directly placed on a 75Kg ripener equipped with a removable 0.5mm stainless steel screen. The extracted honey is filtered by the sieve and is directly stored in the ripener. After decanting, the honey thus extracted can be directly put in a jar, thanks to the "perfection" metering tap screwed in the lower part of the ripener. **Stand not included**


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