The Hibernation Diet

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The Hibernation Diet: It Works While You Sleep! by Mike & Stuart McInnes with Maggie Stanfield.

"Reap the benefit of your own body's natural recovery system! The Hibernation Diet takes you body back to its natural balance with honey, wholesome food and resistance exercise. There's no need to pound the treadmill any longer - just act naturally to end the cycle of biological disaster that can cause obesity.

"If you've tried all those faddish diets, skipped meals and spent hours exercising but still can't rid unwanted fat, now you can lose weight while you sleep! It's not madness. By using your body's own resources, you can stay healthy and get slim.

"Created by a pharmacist and a nutrition expert, The Hibernation Diet is the key not only to a healthy weight, but to unlocking energy resources you never knew you had. It will relieve stress and depression, and make you body work better for you."


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